Integrated personal door in an overhead garage door


The masterpiece of technology, the gateway for people to enter (PERSONAL DOOR) is an excellent solution for households and industry, who regularly use the garage, but not necessarily just for the storage of vehicles.
Access to the refrigerator, tools, bicycles, etc. is easy if you have a wide personal door that you can use without having to open the entire garage door.


Standard high security is achieved with an integrated upper sliding hydraulic door closure to ensure that the door is always closed.
The magnetic sensor integrated in the door fitting ensures that the remote control is impossible if the personal door is not completely closed.
The aluminium doorstep is only 19 mm high and access for bicycles, mopeds, wheelchairs or wheelbarrows is very simple.
A special shape of aluminium doorstep reduces the risk of tripping and eases the passage of wheels.



Only the highest quality aluminium profiles are used for making personal door. Special feature of the design is the built-in door wing hinges in the entire height of the panel, which provides additional strength and long service life of overhead door.

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The design of the mechanics is based on the high level of safety of the overhead door with integrated personal door, therefore each door is standard equipped with a magnetic switch and a hydraulic closure.


The dimensions of the door opening of the personal door can be adjusted to customer's desire, and technical feasibility with regard to the size of the overhead door.

Installation locations

The personal door position can be adjusted to customer's preferences and the following options are available:
- left
- central
- right

Anti-theft security

The integrated personal door offers a high level of security. The built-in lock prevents an unwanted entry into the building.


Colour shades

In the basic version, the fittings of the personal door are anodised, and at the request of the customer, the fittings can be painted in the colour of the filler or door, which is considered as an additional order.
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Integrated personal doors in overhead garage doors from our production have a long lifetime due to high-quality materials. Moreover, they also have a long warranty period, taking into account the recommended annual service, which is:
-12let12 years on panels (on corrosion of panels, which means a hole through the panel,
-  5 years on other moving components!