Roller shutter door

Roller shutter garage door


Roller shutter garage doors  are among the most simple and versatile garage door systems. This door is called roller shutter because it opens and closes by winding the lamellas on an axis, hidden in a box under a decorative lid. Due to this mode of operation, they can be installed in almost all types of garage openings, for example: inside, in the centre or outside of the door opening.
With roller shutter doors, you can take full advantage of the space in front of and behind the garage, as they open vertically and then roll into a box. This mode of operation is ideal for short access routes, for garages in the vicinity of hiking trails and for solving problems that can be caused by getting high off-road vehicles or other elevated vehicles inside the garage.


The insulated roller shutter door features a good sealing capability. High safety of double-insulated roller shutter doors means that these doors are ideal for garages that are not only used for vehicles, but also to help maintain a constant internal temperature.
Quality elastic seals seal around the entire range of guides and on the lower part of the lamella prevents dust, leaves or rain from entering the interior. On request, additional accessories are available to further improve the insulation properties (additional sealing gaskets, sealing brushes,...)

There are three simple reasons for choosing insulated industrial doors:
1.    greater strength of lamellas due to improved safety,
2.    excellent thermal insulating properties,
3.    to break the heat bridge, which consequently prevents condensation of garage doors on the inside.
4.    No insulated industrial door supplied by KIP KOP d.o.o. contain CFCs, they are filled with polyurethane foam and the and the structural steel lamella has double sheathing.
The 19mm thick lamellas offer an outstanding strength and reduces the damage caused by collisions and impacts.


Roller shutter garage doors  are made of aluminium double-sided lamellas of approx. 19 mm with finishing of powder coating or anodizing. The guides are also aluminium powder painting or anodized finish. There is a possibility that the laminate coat is supplied in a combination of a different colour shade, such as a guide and cover mask.
Smoothly treated aluminium lamellas have a simple modern look that complements modern architecture. The basic price covers lamellas in the following coloured shades:
-RAL 9010 white
-RAL 8017 brown
-RAL 9007 silver


Our roller shutter garage doors  are exclusively available with integrated electric motors. The basic price includes door control with a pulse switch, the door being operated only when the user is holding the contactor and thus monitors the closing/opening of the door.
For an extra charge, we have the option of installing the door with a remote control, where it is necessary to add safety components, electronics to the receiver and the remote control. In any case, the operation is smooth and quiet due to its excellent construction and design elements. Lamellas of all roller shutter doors must, according to the law, be designed in a way that prevents wedging and thus any damage. The roller shutter garage doors, when they are open, offer the entire use of width and height.

Anti-theft security
Roller shutter industrial doors require the facility to be equipped with at least one extra entrance to the interior of the garage, which enables opening of the door in an emergency, possible failure or power failure.
When the door is closed, it is impossible to enter the garage. In case of violent intrusion, the door is damaged.

Security management

Safety is in the first place, so every roller shutter garage doors from our production are equipped with:
-    "finger security" protection against finger trapping,
- a control switch, which allows it to be operated only in the presence of the user,
- electronics and security devices for protection against obstacles – surcharge applies
- safety warnings and instructions,
- unlocking rotary lever, which allows the door to open at power failure – surcharge applies

Light openings

Vision lamellas can be installed in the door, which can be supplied in the colour of the door, in different colours or, at customer’s request, powder colouring of the vision lamella is carried out.

Colour shades

At the basic price, the customer can choose between 3 different factory-powdered coloured shades, which are:
-RAL 9010 white
-RAL 8017 brown
-RAL 9007 silver
On request, we offer other colour shades e.g. RAL 7016 anthracite or wood imitation, e.g. golden oak!


Roller shutter garage doors from our production have a long lifetime due to high-quality materials. Moreover, they also have a long warranty period, taking into account the recommended annual service, which is:
- 3 years on panels (on corrosion of panels, which means a hole through the panel,
- 2 years on electronics and other moving components!

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