Garage doors to your taste

Exclusive for Slovenia, DIGITAL printing on your garage doors with a 10-year warranty!

This is an extensive range of standard models most commonly used for the surface finish of doors. Standard styles include the entire range of wood imitation that we currently laminate with foils. The significant advantage is the significantly lower cost compared to laminated foils. All our wood patterns are authentic and originate from real wood.

Additionally, aluminum door frames/jambs can also be printed. Printed frames are color-matched to the print on the doors since the same printing and painting technology is used. We have our CNC router that can produce all shapes and dimensions of door frames.

In the case of an individual style, everything is in the hands of the customer or architect. We need printing data in vector or image format. When it comes to images, the basic rule is as follows: the higher the resolution of the image, the better the print quality. The printer can print up to 360 dpi, but for high-quality printing, a minimum of 200 dpi is sufficient. Graphic data is subsequently processed in our pre-press department and then printed on the doors. We guarantee that your unique designs will not be disclosed to third parties. This way, customers can design their unique and high-quality doors.

Individual styles are also very useful for industrial doors, as it's possible to print the company logo, graphics, door numbering, signs, labels (SERVICE, FIRE STATION...), and much more.

To meet the growing demand for innovative door designs, our company has created and produced several exclusive styles, such as the appearance of rusted CORTEN metal, various concrete look options, brushed aluminum, various charcoal color variations, the look of different exotic woods, stone cladding, brick patterns, various vector art, and more. There are no limitations on using the new digital printing technology, so our range of exclusive styles is constantly expanding and adapting to the changing requirements of our customers, architects, and designers. You can always find all our exclusive styles at

The styles of the upcoming generation are composed of various designs developed in collaboration with design students. These styles feature highly diverse and contemporary motifs that hint at the direction in which door printing design may evolve in the future. They make use of different materials such as wood, brushed metals, various combinations of 3D effects, and more. Essentially, this reflects the design of garage doors using state-of-the-art technologies of the upcoming generation. All these motifs can be customized according to the customer's preferences.

Technology: Fast 3-axis inkjet printer with UV curing and a pass-through field for painting.

It's a completely new and unique technology that uses digital inkjet printing with UV curing, based on the application of ink on the door panel. This technique prevents the influence of surface tension on the material of the panel, especially on flexible areas and sharp edges (e.g., in grooves and cassette panels).

The final digital print is then coated with matte PUR lacquer. As a result, the surface offers high resistance to UV rays as well as scratches and abrasions.

The printing technology is capable of operating on 3 axes with a resolution of 360 dpi, providing excellent print quality on door panels. This resolution is unique for use on double-leaf panel doors.

The printing possibilities are almost limitless. It's possible to print various wood imitations, concrete, stainless steel, any images, photographs, texts, company logos, and more. We collaborate with leading European designers and architects to prepare digital prints.

The maximum print length on a panel is 7500 mm. Surface printing methods include smooth, textured, and stucco.

The type of panel surface for printing can be a slat, groove, cassette, V-profile, or flat.

We also offer the option of reprinting panels according to the customer's wishes (e.g., when changing the house style or following new trends).

The impact of UV rays and other climatic factors has been tested in specialized testing laboratories with outstanding results, meeting a 10-year lifespan for the printed panel.

We have our own design team and keep up with new trends.


  •     Unique printing technology for garage and industrial doors.
  •     Patented practical model.
  •     Unlimited printing possibilities and options.
  •     Anyone can order doors with an individual style, and we guarantee that we will not produce identical doors.
  •     10-year warranty on the final surface finish.
  •     All types of panels and panel surfaces can be printed with images at a resolution of 360 dpi.
  •     Accessories can also be printed, such as door frames and jambs.
  •     The option for reprinting at any time.
  •     Suitable for industrial doors, e.g., company logos.
  •     Always custom-made to precise measurements.

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